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Ever since my first photography class in college, I've been captivated by the most simple sound of a even though the likes of the classic film camera is being replaced by digital ( old school film still lives...and is still beautiful), I'll forever be in relationship with my 35mm SLR as if it were my first. I enjoy the beauty of capturing images of people, places, and dogs. These images are timeless to me, and hopefully to you as the viewer. My goal is to continue to capture and explorer the beauty and prospective of ones' vision through the eye of a lens....So, take a look and explorer the links above or just hang-out and view the slide show.

Contribution - I believe that everyone should have lasting memories through beautiful pictures. Therefore, if you are a student that can't afford prom or school pictures, if you are a family that can't afford the expense of hiring a professional photographer, contact me and let's create that lasting memory for you for free.

Cheers, -Ron ( catch me on Facebook too ( search for Ron Harvey Photography or